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Luxembourg For Business


Luxembourg for Business, Luxembourg’s trade promotion agency, but also:

  • A corporate identity contributing to the establishment of ‘Luxembourg’ as a brand with a pro-business reputation.
  • A project management platform, federating the main players involved in promoting business and trade promotion among its founding members.
  • An exchange for resources and skills used in the development of common promotion projects but also for a selected number of individual focused projects.
  • A true partnership: members contribute their expertise to the joint-venture but continue to exist in their own right.

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Luxembourg for Business (LfB) was founded in April 2008 as an initiative by the Ministry of the Economy and Foreign Trade, the Ministry of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses and Tourism, the Chamber of Commerce, the Office du Ducroire, the National Credit an Investment Corporation (SNCI), the Chamber of Crafts and Luxembourg”s Business Federation (FEDIL).
Relying on the strengths of both public and private partners, Luxembourg for Business operates as a trade promotion agency and liaises with Luxembourg’s Trade & Investment Offices , its Embassies , Foreign Trade Counsellors , Honorary Consulates , and other international promotion networks such as bilateral Chambers of Commerce  to foster Luxembourg’s outbound activities. Luxembourg for Business also functions as a so-called “”network agency”” establishing a platform for its members to review, coordinate and improve their trade promotion efforts.
Internationally (and potentially internationally) active Luxembourg companies and their existing and prospective customers

  • Target countries and their authorities as defined by the Minister of the Economy
  • Foreign embassies accredited to Luxembourg
  • Luxembourg’s diplomatic and consular network as well as Luxembourg-supporting networks abroad
  • Foreign delegations (political, commercial & press) visiting Luxembourg
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