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 China Construction Bank opens branch office in Luxembourg

On 18th July 2014, the credit rating agency Fitch reaffirmed the “”AAA”” rating of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg with…

Luxembourg Central Bank governor Gaston Reinesch and Xiaochuan Zhou…

China Construction Bank (CCB), one of the country’s four largest state-owned banks, recently inaugurated its first branch office in Luxembourg and the CCB (Europe) Corporation.

CCB board chairman Wang Hongzhang said the CCB was attracted by Luxembourg’s good location, its good financial environment, the effective Government, the prudent supervision and an open attitude towards the Chinese banking sector. He noted that the speed with which the CCB acquired authorisation from the Luxembourg Government was the fastest since the beginning of the internationalisation of CCB businesses.

The CCB will provide corporate finance and capital market services for companies that wish to accelerate their international businesses and European transnational companies that have trade relations with the CCB in China. According to Wang, Luxembourg would be a platform for CCB to expand its businesses across Europe, particularly regarding loans and credits, international settlements and offshore services of the Chinese currency renminbi (RMB).

Previously, two major Chinese banks, namely the Bank of China (BOC) and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), have already opened offices in Luxembourg. At present, the CCB has 17 branches or subsidiaries in 15 countries and regions, with assets totalling $120 billion.