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Japan is rebounding from one of its deepest recessions in recent history, with the IMF predicting growth around 2.5% for this year. As well as many world-leading multinationals, the country hosts many small and medium sized businesses that lead in global niche industries. So the traditional strengths of the Japanese economy remain, even if on a macro level it has struggled to grow in a robust fashion over recent decades. China has been the main export market for many years, with the share totalling around 20%.
South Korean economic take-off began in the 1960s and now figures in the global list of top ten trading nations, boasting several major high-tech brands. Despite this exposure to the variable tides of globalisation, the economy just avoided recession in 2009 with the IMF predicting growth in excess of 6% 2010. State debt is low and fiscal reserves are high, giving the economy both sophistication and stability in the midst of the most dynamic region on the planet.
The trade mission will be honoured with the presence of  HRH Hereditary Grand Duke and Minister of the Economy and Foreign Trade Jeannot Krecké.
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