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The Global Russia Business Meeting (GRBM) took place in Luxembourg from 22nd-23rd April as a Horasis-leadership event under the patronage of the Prime Minister of Luxembourg and co-hosted by Luxembourg for Business. The opening night on Sunday was honoured by the presence of HRH Crown Prince Guillaume and The Minister of the Economy and Foreign Trade, Mr Etienne Schneider.

The third edition of this event was hosted in Luxembourg under the theme “Globalizing Russian Firms”. The event attracted a 300-strong audience including distinguished participants from the global business community, including a former Prime Minister of Finland and top decision-makers from Russia in the field of banking, finance and telecoms, as well as from the UK, Hong Kong, Cyprus and Israel, all acting as co-chairmen during the event.

In the wake of the Russian presidential elections, the Global Russia Business Meeting presented an excellent opportunity for international business leaders to discuss Russia’s important role as a driving force of the world economy. A large number of global leaders from the spheres of politics and business met in the City of Luxembourg to engage in open and constructive discussions about the opportunities and challenges of the global business community.

The meeting examined the global outlook for 2012 but also more distinctively at the Russian economy in terms of growth strategies, innovation, technology, natural resources, entrepreneurship, social responsibility and the environment.

In recent years, economic ties have been strengthening between Russia and Luxembourg which is a direct result of ongoing joint efforts to nourish the development of economic and financial relations.