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ECA International have published their 2012 study on the quality of life with Luxembourg ranked third (up one place from 2011) behind joint top spot holders Berne and Copenhagen.
The report analyses the most-liveable cities throughout the world for expatriates, with the results taken from a study of ratings by expatriates, previous classifications and independent studies. The report considers several factors with which to arrive at an estimate of the quality of life in 400 cities worldwide.

This study helps HR managers to define the benefits that will offset the difficulties of expatriate adjustment to their new environment.

For comparisons, rankings used in this study include 254 cities worldwide with a European perspective. Indeed, the score takes into account both the origin and destination (of expatriates). The ranking of cities is compiled from a variety of criteria such as climate, health services, housing, utilities, isolation, social life, leisure and infrastructure as well as personal safety, political tensions and the quality of air. Deterioration or improvement in the criteria and the relative movements of cities against each other influence the rankings from one year to another.