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Luxembourg’s latest rankings

  • Luxembourg ranked 1st for Personal Safety in Mercer ‘s Quality of Life Survey
  • Luxembourg ranked 3rd Most Liveable City Worldwide
  • Luxembourg ranked 11th in OECD Better Life Index

If you are thinking of working and living in Luxembourg and you wonder what the quality of life is like here…watch the testimonial below about expatriates that have chosen to call Luxembourg their home.

The Grand Duchy has a whole lot to offer to those that are willing to discover its hidden qualities. With its historical past and contemporary outlook, Luxembourg is often described as a place where ‘‘cultural heritage meets modern lifestyle’’.
With political stability, a high level healthcare and social security system, well-developed economic and transport infrastructures, Luxembourg is a stable environment for economic activities and offers a high standard of living, both at the office and socially.

Balancing hard work and one’s personal life is always a challenge. Whether you arrive in Luxembourg as a single, with a partner or a family, Luxembourg has a lot to offer to help you achieve a good work-life balance. There are excellent kindergarten and primary school facilities for young and growing families, with many flexible employers ready to accommodate to the needs of working mothers and fathers.

With green spaces and forests in abundance, from the rocky outcrops of the Mullerthal (also called ”little Switzerland”) to the vineyards and wineries along the Moselle valley, there are many leisure areas including hundreds of mapped trails for walkers and joggers, as well as cycle paths through the city.
As the EU second smallest Member State, Luxembourg combines the qualities of an international, cosmopolitan, multi-cultural and multi-lingual melting pot. What Luxembourg lacks in size it makes up for in quality of life.

With 43% of the country’s resident population being foreign and another 150.000 cross-border workers coming into the country every day, the Grand Duchy is a rich blend of communities which makes establishing a home here very easy. Luxembourg is a crossroads as well as a meeting point of different nationalities and cultures, and where different languages are spoken daily.
There is a whole range of leisure and sports activities to suit everyone’s taste. Next to Luxembourg’s heritage and long-lived traditions, such as Buurgbrennen (welcoming in the Spring), Éimaischen Easter market, Schouberfouer funfair, the Vianden Nut Festival and Echternach Dancing Procession, there is also a large international culture programme at exclusive concert halls, theatres and museums.

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