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Luxembourg is expert at importing knowledge: both via long term immigrants and cross border commuters. Of the near half a million people living in the country, 44% are non-Luxembourgish and of the 360,000 people working here, 42% non-resident commuters. Overall, this adds up to two-thirds of the workforce originating from outside the country.


These cross border commuters tend to be relatively highly educated. A study from 2003 by the national statistics office showed that 33% of commuters had a higher education qualification and 54% has completed further secondary education, both figures higher than the resident workforce. Resident foreigners are a mix of the highly educated and relatively unskilled manual workers. Immigrants come from around the globe, so offering employers a range of languages and cultural sensibilities to chose from.

Knowledge acquisition is encouraged with the establishment of a national public University in 2003 to complement the existing private and regional higher educational environment. Government and industry are also pro-active in helping staff acquire new skills though extensive life-long learning programmes.