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Guide to Exporting

Exports are essential to any competitive economy. The disciplines of exporting favour those who are informed and resourceful. Exporting requires that companies build on their strengths; research market potentials thoroughly, initiate a realistic financial plan, and enact effective delivery practices. If a company accomplishes these preparations and the follow-through, its internationalisation efforts are deemed successful.





Luxembourg export procedures

This comprehensive document includes all the necessary procedures for exporting goods from Luxembourg. Operators who wish to export goods from Luxembourg can find the following information:

  • administrative, customs and taxation status of exported goods;
  • formalities and procedures that need to be carried out in accordance with legal provisions and regulations.




Export licences

Successful exports start with the right export licence! 

Embedded within the Ministry of the Economy, the Licence Office (LO) Luxembourg provides tailor-made services in issuing export licences to Luxembourg companies. The Licence Office is namely responsible for:

  • the establishment of import, export and transit licences and surveillance documents;
  • the application of export controls on dual-use goods and weapons and equipment for military use (strategic/sensitive products);
  • the establishment and validation of certificates required for international cooperation;
  • the collection of taxes, guarantee deposits and withdrawals which fall under its responsibility;
  • the establishment of export certificates for agro-food products and applications for restitutions;
  • the implementation of embargo on certain products;
  • the statistics on operations under its responsibility.


Licence Office
19-21, boulevard Royal
L-2449 Luxembourg BP 113 / L-2011 Luxembourg

(+352) 22 61 62


(+352) 46 61 38


Financial support and risk management

Luxembourg companies benefit from a wide range of tools available to support businesses of all sizes and sectors when engaging in international business.

The Office du Ducroire, Luxembourg´s one-stop shop for exporters, for example, uses various financial instruments including credit insurance. In particular, the Office du Ducroire focuses on providing cover for political, credit, and financial risks to companies exporting and/or investing abroad.

Additionally, COPEL (Committee for the promotion of Luxembourg exports) provides financial support with promotional material (including translations for presentations), support for participation in trade fairs, seminars and conferences, advertising costs, export training and other consultancy services.
COPEL can provide financial support for up to 50% of expenses incurred, with a ceiling of EUR 200,000 over a period of three years.

The Luxembourg Government offers further support through the SNCI (Société Nationale de Crédit et d'Investissement), a bank specialising in medium and long-term financing of investments made by Luxembourg-based companies. Amongst investments in innovations and fixed assets, the SNCI also supports exports.

Business training classes

Setting foot in a new market requires energy in terms of time and resources. Not only is it important to know about the environment, but also acquire the right managerial, business and language skills. In Luxembourg various institutions are there to help you prepare for this part of your export journey.

Business training classes in Luxembourg are provided, among others, by the Luxembourg School for Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce's training institute, the Chamber of Crafts or Lifelong Learning. Any of these institutions provide first-class services aiming to provide Luxembourg companies with the right tools to set the frameworks for defining their competitive advantage.

It is worthwhile to note that COPEL, the Office du Ducroire's sub-committee for export incentive, can financially support your market research, export related consultancy and training, as well as translation and development for marketing and advertising material.