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Future Cities Show

Welcome to the first edition of The Future Cities Show 2017 showcasing solutions for the future of our cities by developing Sustainability driven through Innovation which will lead to a Happy Society.

In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the United Arab Emirates has pledged to work towards a sustainable way of life, offering its citizens and residents the ability to reap the benefits that mother nature has blessed us with. We will work diligently to help end world poverty and hunger, wasteful energy consumption and to provide top quality education, access to the best healthcare and the security of a world-class justice system. With innovation always at the forefront, the UAE will continue to innovate solutions leading to a sustainable way of life, a prosperous economy and a happy society.

Take the opportunity to meet with the most urban development actors from public and private sectors challenging the fast global urbanization. The event will attract stakeholders and encourage partnerships between sectors to boost the sustainable development and infrastructure in cities for the decades to come.

An event that brings together the top smartest cities to share knowledge, create new contacts and find new opportunities through conferences, exhibition and networking sessions. You will join the biggest companies that are changing the foundations of a new smarter and more sustainable city model.

A key opportunity of the Future Cities Show 2017 is to strengthen the role of local-level governments through direct engagement at an international level. As such, the evolving discussions leading up to and following the conferences will be of particular interest to ministers, mayors, local development administrators, board commissioners, investors, CEOs, Professors and others.

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